Born in 1994, I quickly began tinkering with my dad’s PC. I would spend hours trying to get Pokemon working on or creating my own minigames with the first fan-translated versions of RPG-Maker and was convinced that Game Developer was my dream job.

I enrolled in Media technology – and design at the FH Hagenberg mainly due to their excellent video game development courses. However, I quickly realized, that instead of game development something else has excited my interest. Video – and Audio Postproduction. Having played the drums for 8 years, the bass since 2012 and seriously considering becoming a professional musician, my interest in audio wasn’t out of the blue. But Video Editing was. Never before was I interested in creating movies and films, but now the whole process, especially the post-production workflow intrigued me. As a result of my newly piqued interest, I enrolled in all audio-and-video courses the university offered and went to Berlin for an internship at “Bigfish” to further my knowledge of the process.

Additionally, I spent most of my free time mixing songs for different bands or artists.

With my graduation in September 2018, my goal is to work in either a video – or audio post-production company with engaging projects.