Postproduction Internship 2018


Working six months, for a big film production company was phenomenal. I was able to work on several projects, ranging from fast-paced ads with tight deadlines to long campaigns - where the production lasted months. Here are excerpts from some of the projects I helped to realize and am allowed to publish.



An ad for the German market-chain Netto. I conformed the footage for colour grading in DaVinci Resolve. In addition, I rotoscoped and composited the scene on the left.



Despite being in the post-production department, I was also allowed to work on sets. For the Ikea WM-Special, I was the DIT on set and later helped to conform the films in DaVinci Resolve. For the Ikea TV-Campaign, I edited the Social Media versions, but they are not yet on air.

Schenk dir den Sommer ein


For the Aperol ad, other than the DaVinci Resolve conform, I mainly worked in After Effects doing a lot of retouching.

Das Wir gewinnt

Aktion Mensch

Aktion Mensch spot for 2018, where I helped with the DaVinci Resolve Conform and the audio mix.

Was einer alleine nicht schafft, das schaffen viele.


Originally released in 2011, I created the UNESCO sign completely in After Effects. It was quite challenging due to the lighting and graining of the footage.